People who are troubled by missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures and unstable fixed bridges can read through the common questions listed below or be enlightened about the benefits of dental implants from a patient’s point of view. Dental Implants are a technologically advanced form of reconstructive dentistry designed to solve many of the problems associated with more routine methods.

Is it painful?

The implant insertion is carried out under a local anaesthetic with or without sedation or rarely under general anaesthetic and as such you will feel no pain during any part of the operation. After the operation, when the anaesthetic starts to wear off, you will feel some pain and discomfort until such time as the painkillers take effect. There is usually some swelling and bruises may appear. These symptoms are at their height two or three days after the operation, but most patients report that it is much less painful than anticipated. Ordinary painkillers are usually sufficient, but over 80% of patients report no need for pain killers the day after surgery.

What should I eat?

Keep to a diet of soft foods and liquids for a short period after the dental implant operation to avoid any extra strain on the implants. But once your implants are integrated and fully restored it is possible to resume a normal diet. Even biting into apples is perfectly permissible.

Will I be toothless at any time?

Patients with dentures can replace the upper set immediately after the operation. The lower denture can be replaced after about one week. Patients with temporary bridgework will have it replaced immediately after the operation. In certain circumstances it is also possible to have a set of temporary teeth fixed straight on to the implants on the same day as the implant surgery.

Why are the screws made of titanium?

Because titanium has the unique property of fusing with the bone tissue through a process known as Osseo integration, and therefore becomes part of the body in the process. This gives the dental implant its extreme strength of attachment.

Will they look false?

No. The whole idea is to give you back your smile. We work as a team with technicians who are highly skilled and creative in the science and art of re-establishing natural looking teeth with a firm dental implant foundation.

Is it expensive?

It depends entirely on the number of implants required and the complexity of the case. The best way to establish treatment cost is to arrange for a consultation with Dr Norton, since every patient and every case is unique and needs to be costed on an individual basis. However it is worth noting that a conventional fixed bridge for the replacement of one tooth will also involve cutting down the teeth either side; this might be more expensive than a single implant and crown, which doesn’t involve the adjacent teeth. Implant retained dentures would cost more than conventional dentures but then you are buying into a superior degree of denture retention and stability that significantly enhances your well-being and quality of life.

If you have further questions regarding cost or any other matter please do e-mail Dr Norton’s practice manager Linda Warren and she will be happy to answer your questions.

How can I leave feedback after my treatment?

If you would like to comment on any aspect of your course of treatment at Norton Implants, we would be delighted to receive your comments. Please use our feedback form. All comments will be reviewed on the next working day and if there is any aspect needing response or clarification we will contact you using the details you provide. We like to use genuine patient comments on our Testimonials page. We may contact you to seek your permission to publish your comments, in which case we will not publish your real name.

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